SmartStrand: Carpet for the Future.

In his Blog,, Rob Leahy says:
I really love this product!!!

I’ve seen a lot in my 40 years in the floor covering industry. However, I truly have never seen as revolutionary a product as this. I have studied it and, considering my technical background, I just love this product!!! I feel so good about it that I am willing to have my company guarantee full replacement of the carpet if stains can’t be removed. What is this product and what are the specifics of my guarantee? Read on….

The product is SmartStand carpet made by Mohawk Carpet. It offers exceptional softness and color clarity, it is naturally fade and bleach resistant and its best feature is that stains, including red wine, pet urine and mustard can be removed with only warm water. Mohawk has offered SmartStrand since 2004 and with over 5 years in the market its performance has been proven. There have been nearly no complaints from consumers.

SmartStrand is made with a new fiber, invented by DuPont, called Triexta. DuPont has trademarked the fiber under the name Sorona®. Beyond these marvelous performance properties, Sorona® has significant environmental benefit. By weight, 37% of the raw material used to make the fiber is derived from corn sugar instead of pure petroleum. In addition, the production of Sorona® requires 30 percent less energy than the production of an equal amount of nylon and greenhouse gas emissions from the production are 60 percent lower than manufacturing nylon. Nylon is the principal fiber used in carpeting today but, with SmartStrand the consumer is going to get a lot more for their carpet purchase.

I plan to explain why this carpet is so much better, but before I get technical let me talk about our guarantee. Upon the installation of SmartStrand carpet you will be given a Guarantee card. This is exactly what is written on that card:

We believe in this carpet so much that, after two years, we will visit your home and clean your carpet at no charge. After 24 months and before 36 months, at our cost, we will clean your SmartStrand carpet. If it will not come clean we will completely replace the carpet. All we will ask you to do is move the furniture while we clean your carpets.”

We will clean your carpet once, after it has been installed for two years, but the stain guarantee is for the life of the carpet. I know of no similar or stronger guarantee! If you have any questions, please call me directly at 843-577-3386.