How do I know it works?

Mohawk has been selling and the dealers have been installing SmartStrand with Dupont’s Sorona® fiber since 2004. Fine Rugs of Charleston elected to enter the broadloom carpet business in 2008 and we have sold and installed SmartStrand in a number of homes. We are so happy with its performance that we are offering a lifetime replacement guarantee. See our website for full details,

Before we made this aggressive guarantee I studied the history and development of Sorona® and the SmartStrand products and came away very impressed with it’s potential to be the best carpet fiber and by far the best carpet ever developed. I searched all of the carpet cleaning data bases and read hundreds of actual consumer comments on SmartStrand. I did not see one single customer complaint on the carpet’s performance, only glowing reports of satisfaction. In the early years, say 2005- 2007, there were many bad reviews left concerning shipping delays as Mohawk fought to keep up with demand. These seem to have diminished as both DuPont and Mohawk have increased capacity in the intervening years.

In October of 2009 Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet made with Sorona® fiber was featured on The Martha Stewart Show demonstrating that even red wine wouldn’t stain the carpet. This was the first time a carpet has earned a feature segment on the nationally syndicated show. In the segment, Martha touted the product’s availability in a collection of beautiful styles in hundreds of colors. Ms. Stewart was very impressed with performance benefits not seen in any other floor covering. To this point, Martha stressed that she has hesitated serving red wine at parties because of fears of spills and stains. She then showed the audience that SmartStrand has the stain resistance to eliminate that worry. She gleefully poured red wine on a sample and then removed it with plain warm water. Her audience was very impressed!

Also in 2009, SmartStrand carpet with DuPont Sorona® had to withstand the constant tracking of mud, dirt, and the daily surprises left by Ricko, a 2,800 pound black rhinoceros. After more than 14 days, the light colored carpet showed some severe staining. The Birmingham Alabama Zoo’s Ricko, a 12 year old, Eastern Black Rhinoceros, soiled the carpet in many ways. A tropical storm passed through the Birmingham area, forcing the very muddy rhinoceros into spend an extended amount of time in his enclosure for safety reasons. It was during that time Ricko generated some of his most difficult stains. After two weeks the carpet was removed and the cleaning began.

The entire piece of carpeting was not cleaned, as is visible in the photo below. Sections of carpet were selected for "before and after" displays so that the cleaned sections could be more clearly identifiable. "To be honest, I didn’t expect it to come clean at all." said Billy Cochran, a zookeeper who helps care for Ricko. “I was amazed at how easily that brown carpet became white again.”

"I never had a doubt," said David Duncan, Mohawk's Vice President of Marketing. "SmartStrand’s stain resistance and durability is no match for any stain-maker, whether it's a rhinoceros or your own pets. We used the same formula, at the same strength, available to every consumer who purchases Mohawk FloorCare Essentials from their local retailer," Duncan said. "Because this was designed to be a true test of our carpet, we didn't clean it using any extraordinary means. And they didn't need anything outside the norm because SmartStrand proved itself to be amazingly stain resistant."